Email-based phlog generator.

Publish gopher notes just by sending an email !

scribo(1) is meant to be called by an SMTP daemon, preferably from an aliases(5), or forward(5) file. The emails are then passed to the program on STDIN, which will in turn write the log entry to the specified directory.

The filename is derived from the "Subject" header, and timestamped at end of file, based on the "Date" header.


Edit the file to match your setup, then run the following:

$ make
# make install


Refer to the scribo(1) and aliases(5) manpage for details and examples. The below commands are provided as a quick introduction.

Add the following to you aliases(5) file:

note@domain.tld |/usr/local/bin/scribo -b /var/gopher

Only process email sent from a specific address:

scribo -a author@domain.tld

Pipe the body of your messages through a command before writing them:

scribo -x "fmt -s -w 72"


ISC License. See LICENSE file for copyright and license details.


git clone git://

If you find any bug, please report them or send a patch to