SYNK.CONF(5) File Formats Manual SYNK.CONF(5)

synk.confsynk file synchronisation tool configuration file

The synk(1) utility will check the synchronization state of a file between peers defined in the configuration file.

The peers definitions have the following format:

peer hostname [port] Peers definition consist of the following parts:
Keyword specifying we are defining a peer
The hostname or IP address of the peer we want to connect to. This hostname MUST be resolvable by all peers.
The port to open on the peer to exchange file metadata. The default is 9723.

Comments can be put anywhere in the file using a hash mark (‘#’), and extend to the end of the current line.

The following example will declare 3 peers:

# peers definition for use with synk(1)
peer alpha.lan
peer beta.lan

# use port 9724 as default is already in use
peer gamma.lan 9724

# John FFS, add these shit to the DNS!


Willy Goiffon <>

2016-09-08 POSIX.1-2008