GLAZIER(1) General Commands Manual GLAZIER(1)

glazierX window manipulator

glazier [-hv]

glazier is a floating window manipulation utility for X11. Its goal is to keep track of the focused window (using sloppy focus technique) and let the user move/resize windows with the mouse pointer.

Print a help message.
Increase verbosity. There are two levels of logging:

  1. Print X events related to window management
  2. Print all received X events

glazier supports different 5 operations on windows, each bound to a mouse button. To trigger these operations, a modifier key (default: Mod1) must be held before pressing the appropriate mouse button.

  1. . The window will be moved to the specified location once left button is released.
  2. . The window will be resized to the area between the top-left corner and the pointer.
  3. . The window will be teleported in the area drawn with the middle button held.
  4. . Grow the window size in all 4 directions by move_step pixels when scrolling up.
  5. . Shrink the window size in all 4 directions by move_step pixels when scrolling down.

: The numbers correspond to the mouse button being pressed. Only one operation at a time is supported. The move_step factor is specified at compilation time in config.h.

glazier does not comply with the EWMH specification. The specification exist for applications to instruct a window manager how it should behave. I believe that the user should be left with the responsibility of managing applications, and not the other way around.

If you need (partial) compliance with these specification, consider using ewmh(1).

Manipulating windows with the keyboard is both efficient, and fast. However, glazier cannot do that. Implementing that within a window manager is often too rigid, and doesn't provide enough flexibility to the user. For this reason, I think it is more valuable to use external tools like wmutils(1) for this.

There is not configuration files in glazier. The software is configured at compilation time, by tweaking the config.h file. Refer to this file for precisions on what can be configured.

glazier starts on this display.

ewmh(1), wmutils(1)

Willy Goiffon <>

2020-06-07 POSIX.1