CDB(1) General Commands Manual CDB(1)

cdbConstant database utility

cdb [-hdm] [-k key [-cs n]] file

cdb Utility to make, dump and query constant databases.

Print a short help text
Dump records from database file to stdout. See RECORD FORMAT
Make database file from encoded records read from stdin.
Query database file for record key. Only the first match is returned. To search subsequent match, see -s.
Print n records from the database (default: 1).
Skip the first n records from the database, and display the next one (default: 0).

A dump record is encoded as +klen,dlen:key->data followed by a newline. Here is the number of bytes in key and is the number of bytes in data. The end of data is indicated by an extra newline.

Willy Goiffon <>

2022-08-31 POSIX.1-2017