SICK(1) General Commands Manual SICK(1)

sicksign/check files using ed25519 signatures

sick [-astv] [-g ALIAS] [-f KEY]

sick generates key pairs, signs, checks and remove signatures for a file or stream.

The default action is to check the signature appended to the message given on stdin. If the signature can be verified, the message will be written to stdout without the signature. If the -f flag is not specified on the command line, all files in the KEYRING directory will be tried to verify the message.

Deal with armored signature. The signature are base64 encoded, wrapped at 76 characters and surrounded with two context lines. See SIGNATURE FORMAT For more information on the signature format.
Make sick perform a signing operation on the current stream. This will append the base64 encoded signature to the stream and dump them both to stdout. See SIGNATURE FORMAT for information on what will be appended to the stream.
Make sick trim the signature at the end of the stream if there is one, and write the message to stdout. If there is no signature, the whole stream gets written.
Enable verbose mode. sick will log informative messages to stderr.
Generates an ed25519 key pairs: `ALIAS.key` and ``
Specifies the key file to be used for the current operation (sign or check).

ed25519 signatures are 64 bytes long. For easier reading in text/plain format, sick can base64 encode them (see -a flag) prior to appending them to stdout. The base64 signature is wrapped at 76 bytes as specified by POSIX uuencode. In order to make it easier to detect the signature, it will be wrapped between two lines, as follows:

	-----BEGIN ED25519 SIGNATURE-----
	base64 encoded signature
	-----END ED25519 SIGNATURE-----

Location of the keyring directory

Generating a key pair:
  sick -g $USER

Signing a stream:

  sick -f ${USER}.key < FILE > SIGNED

Checking a signed file (FILE will be empty if the signature doesn't match the public key):

  sick -f ${USER}.pub SIGNED > FILE

ed25519(7), base64(1), uuencode(1)

Willy Goiffon <>

2016-05-03 POSIX.1-2008